Thursday, August 7, 2008

Welcome & How I discovered blogs

Welcome to my blog. It's called Prosperity-plus because my topic is prosperity and so much more. In future posts I'll fill in the details of my journey in learning about and developing prosperity and abundance and share simple techniques that you can use too. I plan on also sharing about the so much more or "plus" part of this blog. That includes intuition and how to develop it, and lots of info about breathwork, meditation, inner guidance and awareness, and other ways to achieve balance and focus in this busy, fast-moving world. This week a little about how I discovered blogs and blogging.

What a week. I just learned about and joined Facebook and found some friends and groups that I hadn't connected with in quite a while. Just a few weeks ago I discovered blogs and now I'm starting my own. Quite a learning curve. Here's how I found out about blogs. I was in a doctor's office reading a magazine article about food & food blogs. One especially interested me, so I looked it up on the web. It's Coconut & Lime by Rachel Rappaport. She writes an award-winning food blog that includes all her own recipes. I wanted to receive her recipes, so I searched and signed up for email updates. I get a lot of email newsletters in my inbox everyday. Every once in a while I unsubscribe and cut down on the amount of email that I receive.

Anyway, a few days later I was reading about blogs and somehow found ProBlogger by Darren Rowse. It's great and he explains all kinds of things about blogging, including the benefits of RSS feeds. He has a great article on this at What is RSS? It convinced me to replace some of my email newsletters with RSS from those sites. This way I can just go to Google Reader and scan the list of posts and select just those I'd like to read. It's so much faster than looking up sites and it's unclogged my inbox. So at 59, I'm finally going beyond simple email and web searches. Hooray.
More soon